How To Upgrade Yourself – 10 Ways To Become A Better Version

How To Upgrade Yourself – 10 Ways To Become A Better Version


The only thing which is constant is change itself. Likewise, we also change, learn new things through the course of our life. And you should know that the only person responsible for your growth and change is you only. It comes from within you, the desire to be a better version of yourself, to upgrade yourself and this page is all about it. We will take a look on How To Upgrade Yourself in this blog post.

Now that you’ve decided to upgrade yourself, let’s dive into 10 Ways To Become A Better Version of yourself.

How To Upgrade Yourself

10 Ways To Upgrade Yourself

  1. Exercise – Include some form of physical movement in your life. It is equally important as keeping a track on your mental health. No, we’re not talking about some heavy weightlifting or others, well if you want to of course. But even a 10–15-minute stretching, yoga or cardio would be a great start to the day. It makes you feel achieved and gets your mind started for the day.
  2. Books – Again, not a heavy reading, you can start off with reading a few pages in the beginning to develop a habit. You can read a book in the morning for 20-30 minutes or before going to bed, whatever you feel like. The bonus point being it’ll also make you stay away from scrolling kilometers of phone screen. Books provide you with knowledge and knowledge plays a key role in upgrading your personality. All the big people you know have one habit in common – Reading as much as they can. So why you stay away from the books?
  3. Skill Development – Learn something new all the time. Take up new habits, develop them and then take up more habits. As they say, you should have a hobby which will pay your bills and a hobby for yourself, to make you happy. You are never too old to learn something new. You can learn a course or pursue your long-wished hobbies. Learn playing an instrument you always wanted to play or learn a new language.
  4. Vicinity – Your surroundings matter as much as the space within you. Surround yourself with positive and ambitious people, the people you look up to. Remember that quality over quantity, any day. Don’t take criticism from people you’d never go to take advice from. Receive and radiate the good vibes.
  5. Journal – Write down all the thoughts you’ve been all day long. Release your emotions but in a meaningful way. There’s no proper way to journaling, write whatever you feel like. Now, why writing is so efficient because it gives you no space to hide. Words will flow out of your mind to the paper. Also, you can start your day with journaling or end the day with it, whatever suits your mind. Journaling or maintaining a dairy helps you identify your weak points, negative thoughts and you can always work on them.
  6. Meditation – Try to sit with yourself and your thoughts for 10-15 minutes. It helps in channelizing your energy for the day. If it works for you, nothing like it.
  7. Build A Routine – You can build a routine accordingly to accommodate all the good habits you want to involve in your life. You can even include some above-mentioned ones. A morning routine, a night routine. Just don’t stress yourself, go with the flow of what you’re feeling like. It helps telling your mind to wake up that the day has begun or relax and go off to sleep, respectively. For instance, wake up early, have a morning drink, meditate, do some physical movement, journal and get started for the day. These all steps just act like a tiny reminder of a new day’s beginning to get you fresh and started for the day. You feel as if you’ve put effort in yourself, you feel important.
  8. Clean Space – One more thing you can add to the list is cleaning up your space, personal and professional. Make you bed when you get up. Though, it hardly takes a few minutes, but it helps psychologically. Similarly, clean up the desk or you workstation. Keep it organized, tabletop should have required things only so that you can work efficiently.
  9. Cut Off Negative Energy – Not everybody’s advice is important. Know your worth and focus on positive aspects of your life. We know it gets tough to always have a positive outlook on things, in that case take your time, feel your emotions and let them flow out. There’s always a new day ahead.
  10. Practice Gratitude – It is the solution for that positive outlook we were talking about. Become grateful for all the little and big things you have in your life. Be aware that there are a lot of people struggling to meet basic needs and going through everything to reach where you are today.

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– Everyone’s higher and better version can look different. Look out for your one, act like it. Become that version, take steps towards that person. Take slow but steady steps, don’t stress yourself out. Everything happens at its own pace. Take one thing at a time. You’ll achieve it, we believe in you.


Que 1. How to improve yourself every day?

Ans – Take each step a day. Set a realistic routine and try to follow it, you can always add and/or remove practices from your routine. Spend time alone, understand yourself. Make daily goals or to-do lists, journal your thoughts, take up a hobby, practice gratitude, do exercise and meditate for a few minutes.

Que 2. What is the importance of upgrading?

Ans – It is important for your self-improvement, mental health, physical health, understanding relations. If you work on yourself, that reflects on the people you have bonds with. Upgrading yourself makes you see your goals better in life, helps you to do well in life on both personal and professional levels.

Que 3. What does it mean to upgrade yourself?

Ans – To upgrade yourself means to become your higher, healthier and happier version. It is doing work on yourself to become a better person inside and outside. You can do this by acquiring new skills, meditating and reading books.

Que 4. Why should I upgrade my skills?

Ans – To stay relevant to the society and have an upper hand. People having knowledge and skills are respected everywhere they go. It’s always good to know about different fields, increases your development and keeps you up to date.

Que 5. How can I upgrade my knowledge?

Ans – Take up online courses, attend webinars, develop a habit of reading as many books as you can, consume informational video contents, surround yourself with ambitious and skilled people are some ways which will help you to upgrade your knowledge.

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