How To Become That Girl – That Girl Routine In 2023

How To Become That Girl – That Girl Routine In 2023


We all at some points have heard about ‘That Girl’ or ‘It Girl’. She is the one who has her life together. She wakes up early, has a morning routine, does workouts, focuses on herself, makes positive changes in her life. The trend of ‘That Girl’ has at times even received hate saying it sets unrealistic goals and puts pressure. While that being said, we believe that we can bring positive changes in our lives through this, at our own pace and become a better version of ourselves; which this blog is all about. Let us now take a look on How To Become That Girl.

How To Become That Girl

Here are the steps to becoming That Girl including the That Girl Routine In 2023.

That Girl Routine –

  1. Wake Up Early – Getting up early gives you an advantage over those who are still sleeping. It lets you buy some extra time from the clock and get your day started earlier. You have time to do all your morning chores patiently which makes you feel rejuvenated and accomplished. It gives you enough time to take things slow and avoid the rush and panic in the morning.
  2. Morning Drink – We have seen images of aesthetic morning drinks all over the internet. You can too sip onto your morning drink while getting your morning tasks done. To give you an idea, you can have warm water with lemon and honey in it or you can have slices of lime and cucumber put in water and enjoy all the nutrients of them along with water. Tip :- Don’t forget to drink loads of water throughout the day.
  3. Journal/Read – Note down all your morning thoughts and keep track of that. Since we all are different, do whatever suits you. You can keep a journal for this, or you can start off with writing on your phone or desktop; whatever you feel like OR you can read a few pages of a book you like for that matter. Make reading your habit, it’ll help you in a long way.
  4. Make Your Bed – After you are done with journaling and/or reading, get up and the first thing you’d do is make your bed. As small task as it may sound, it helps in kickstarting your day. It will take away the feeling of jumping into your cozy bed again, give it a sure shot try!
  5. No Screen – Avoid your phone/desktop for 30 minutes or more. Spend time with yourself. Get to know yourself better which is one of the main aspects of this whole routine.
  6. Physical Movement – Do some sorts of exercise. Hit the gym if you like it. If you don’t, get some movements, stretches, yoga at your home and get charged for the day.
  7. Healthy Meals – Staying fit also includes a check on what’s going inside your body. Prepare healthy and colorful meals. Add green vegetables and fruits to your diet. You can have smoothies too, internet is filled with lots of amazing recipes of these.
  8. Walks – Go outside, walk for a bit and enjoy all the fresh air plants been giving to you.
  9. Plan Your Day – You can use a planner or a to-do list for this. Write down all things you want to achieve by the end of the day. Setting daily targets is much more beneficial than making long term targets in advance. They’ll help you stay focused and get more things done. What a satisfaction ticking off tasks you’ve got done provides!
  10. Personality – That Girl is also someone who is empathetic, kind and understanding. She has all the qualities you’d like to transfer into yourself, someone you’ll look up to. We all have this one person, idolize all the good qualities in them and try to bring those qualities in your life. There’s nothing more attractive than a person who has great moral ethics and values.

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Conclusion –

It really depends on how you look at things. You can make this That Girl trend work for you and finally get your life together. You need not to follow what everyone is following. See what works for you, make your routine according to what fits for you. You can always add/remove things according to the day. Don’t let it pressurize you or burn you out because it’s always about what you feel like as we are always on the journey to become our better and higher selves.



Que 1 – What it means to become That Girl?

Ans. That Girl is someone who has her life put together and is positively aware about herself. She takes charge of her life and puts continuous efforts to make it better. She wakes up early, has a morning routine, takes care of her physical health, meditates, journals and sets goal for the day.

Que 2 – What are the steps to becoming That Girl?

Ans. 1. Wake up early 2. Morning drink 3. Journal/Read 4. Make your bed 5. No screen 6. Physical movement 7. Healthy meals 8. Walks 9. Plan your day 10. Personality.

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